How it works
Ask for your Video Consultation

By following these simple steps, you can ask to consult any of our consultants from the HLA group by video.

  • Call 91 530 10 92 from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and make an appointment with one of our specialities. If you prefer, you can also schedule your appointment through our ASISA app.
  • We will inform you of the days and times available so that you can choose the best schedule for you. Remember that you can have your appointment from a mobile or computer.
  • Within 2 hours you will receive an e-mail and sms with the details of your appointment and the web link for connection. If you scheduled it through the app, you can enter the day of your appointment directly.
  • Connect with the doctor and make your video consultation.

Wherever and whenever you want

You are important to us and we want to be closer to you in your health care.

Because with ASISA LIVE, medicine and care adapt to your life and your way of living. Not the other way around.

Electronic prescription
You will be able to receive by e-mail your prescription with the medication and treatment so that you can buy it at the pharmacy of your choice.

A wide-ranging medical team ready to help you

Allergology • General digestive surgery • Plastic and restorative surgery • Dermatology • Endocrinology • Speech therapy • Sports medicine • General medicine • Internal medicine • Pneumology • Obstetrics and gynaecology • Ophthalmology • ENT • Paediatrics • Psychology • Child psychology • Psychiatry • Rheumatology • Traumatology • Urology

Ask for your appointment for a video consultation on 91 530 10 92

Or via the ASISA app